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I want my clients to be 100% satisfied and inspired by their ovens…To receive the warmth and engage in the conversations and uses that were meant to be fired up by the masonry ovens I custom-build for them.”

-Kari Rale, Owner / Operator Kari Built Ovens

Traditional Masonry for Modern Times

Masonry ovens/heaters have been weaved into the fabric of the Nordic culture since the 15th Century. The ovens/heaters once gathered villages together, united families and built communities.

We’ve preserved this timeless tradition for over four generations and brought our Finnish tradition and talent to Canada. We continue to bring people together.

Our custom-built masonry ovens/heaters are adapted for the modern age. We use fine craftsmanship and traditional masonry techniques to create artistically-inspired, quality ovens/heaters for personal and commercial use.

Get fired up. And enjoy the communal warmth of our uniquely-crafted brick ovens/heaters. You choose the shape, size, design and functionality. We build the oven/heater…brick by brick.

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Tiileri Mason Heaters

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Kari Built Ovens is a Certified Canadian Distributor for Tiileri Mason Heaters. For more information about Tiileri Mason Heaters please visit their website. (Click Here)