The Process

Exquisite craftsmanship comes with over 30 years of experience building artistically-inspired masonry ovens/heaters…brick by brick.

Our primary mission is to learn about what YOU need. Let’s meet and discover the size, style, purpose and design of your ideal masonry oven/heater.

Providing you with the confidence, craftsmanship and creative direction is the cornerstone of how we do business. After all, we want you to have a masonry oven/heater that’s built with the precision, skill and quality you deserve.

Step 1: The Plan

We visit the location of where your oven/heater will be placed OR we can discuss your needs online, through the exchange of emails and pictures. Let’s talk about your vision for the masonry oven/heater you like. We’ll provide answers to all your questions and give you suggestions for making it the perfect oven/heater for you.

Choose your option:

  1. Masonry Heater
  2. Masonry Heater with Oven on top
  3. Masonry Heater with Black Oven (on top and/or fire inside)
  4. Masonry Heater with White Oven (on top and no fire inside)
  5. Custom-built Pizza Oven (dome shaped with fire on one side)
  6. Masonry Bake Oven
  7. Contra-flo Finnish Oven (fire inside the oven rises and then descends)
  8. Custom-build Smokehouse

Step 2: The Construction

  • We outline a detailed construction schedule for building your masonry oven/heater.
  • We identify the start and finish dates for building with no surprises, no delays and no halt in production.
  • We build your oven/heater on-site and some parts are built in our masonry studio to ensure the project keeps moving forward and within all your needs.

Step 3: The Celebration

We’ll walk you through the various stages of firing up your oven/heater. We’ll give you pointers for keeping it clean and functioning properly. Our Tips, Dos & Don’ts will ensure the longevity of your masonry oven/heater so that you can enjoy using it and gathering friends and family around it for a long time.